Director’s Update

Dear LMACS families:

As we finish up our third week of the 2020 school year, we want you to be assured that we, the LMACS Health and Wellness team, are monitoring the Covid-19 infection rates in our area and we are following all Department of Education guidance.  At school, everyone is screened DAILY for signs and symptoms of Covid-19.  Please review the Covid-19 policies and procedures for more information in the Resources section of our website.

Although the rate of infection is ticking up in our area and is currently in the “red zone”, we have not had a positive case at LMACS.   As you know, LMACS reopened with the Hybrid Model on 9/16/2020 and at this time will continue with the combination of in-person and remote learning

while we review the Massachusetts data that is published weekly and monitor specific local data on a daily basis.  Both the state and the Department of Education suggest that schools use three weeks of data before making any decisions to move to a different teaching and learning model.

Please notify LMACS immediately if your student has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 and/or if your student tests positive for Covid-19.

In an effort to reduce risks, LMACS is enforcing multiple safety measures with diligence.

These include:

  • daily screening for signs and symptoms of Covid 19;
  • mandatory mask requirement;
  • physical distancing;
  • smaller class sizes;
  • hand sanitizing/hand-washing policies.

We are committed to continuous communication with and support of our families. If you have any specific health and safety concerns, please contact Amy Hendl, School Nurse, or (978)656-3461.

At this time, we are in a Hybrid Model:

Group A students in person on Mondays and Tuesdays; Wednesdays are all remote for cleaning and sanitizing; Group B students are in-person on Thursdays and Fridays.

Although we are still waiting for the Chromebooks to be delivered, all teachers have implemented a G-Suite format for our remote classroom instruction and teachers are assisting students access the curriculum using cell phones and other devices.

To ensure both academic success and the emotional health of your child, we cannot stress enough, the importance of attendance both in-person and remotely.  

Please remind your child that Academic Block at 1:00 PM is an opportunity to get additional tutoring and support with class work.  Teachers are available both remotely and in-person.

Our new food service program has been working out well.  We provide grab and go lunches and breakfasts every day that students are in-person.  Students also receive meal kits for the days they are in a remote setting.

As always, please speak with your child’s advisor if you have specific concerns.