Special Education Handbook – Policies & Procedures

This Procedural Manual was designed to give readers an overview of the Special Education process.  It provides basic information on how Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School’s Special Education Department operates and a summary of the rights of parents and the responsibilities of school personnel.  The Special Education process is a process that is the same regardless of a child’s particular disabilities. Please note, the information presented here is not legal advice and should not be used as a legal resource.

Special Education policies and procedures are guided by federal and state law.  

    1. Common Acronyms in Special Education
    2. Procedure for Students Requiring Special Education Services  Transferring to LMACS
    3. Staff Intervention Teams
    4. Referral for an Evaluation to Determine Eligibility for Special Education
    5. Guidelines for the Evaluation Process to Determine Eligibility for Special Education
    6. Guidelines for the Special Education Reevaluation Process
    7. The IEP Team Process
    8. Development of the Individualized Education Program (IEP)
    9. Implementation of Bullying Procedures in the IEP Process
    10. Notes Regarding Certain IEP Elements
    11. Placement Decision
    12. Educational Decision-Making
    13. Determining How Students with Disabilities Will Participate in MCAS
    14. Rejected IEPS – Dispute Resolution
    15. Implementation of the IEP
    16. The Use of Paraprofessionals
    17. Guidelines for the Annual Review Process
    18. Progress Reports
    19. IEP Amendments
    20. Emergency Evaluations
    21. Discipline and Manifest Determination
    22. Transitional Planning & Post-Secondary Vision
    23. Procedures for Sending Age of Majority Forms
    24. Mandated Timelines
    25. Assistive Technology
    26. Parent/Advocate Visitation Guidelines
    27. Parent and/or Student is Represented by an Attorney
    28. Autism Checklist
    29. Administrative Data Sheet
    30. Summary of Regulations Pertaining to Student Records
    31. Physical Restraint Procedures pursuant to 603 CMR 46.00
    32. Absences due to Medical Illness Policy
    33. Translated IEP Forms and Notices
    34. IEP Implementation, Accountability and Financial Responsibility
    35. Transportation
    36. Child Find Notice


  1. Important Special Education Forms & Documents