English Language Learners

Any student previously designated as an English Language Learner (ELL) will be assigned to an ELL course as one of their scheduled classes. The ELL support course serves to address individual language needs as well as to provide language learners with additional support for their content classes. An ELL student remains in the ELL course unless a parent has signed a waiver or until the ELL student has reached proficiency according to the mandated state test. After a student has reached proficiency, they are designated as a Former Limited English Proficient (FLEP) student. FLEP students are offered the opportunity to take the ELL support class.

Students who are identified as a potential ELL will be given the state-approved language assessment, and if the student is determined to be an English Language Learner, he or she will be placed into the ELL support course.

It is the ELL Coordinator’s responsibility to coordinate all documentation regarding the student’s previous testing and records, and to coordinate all communication between the school and the student’s parents. Please feel free to contact the ELL staff with any issues or concerns. Contact information is listed below.

All LMACS documents and notices can be translated into our families’ native languages. Please call us at 978.656.3165 or ask your student to pick up a copy at the main office.

ELL Contact Information

Erika Lanier
ELL Coordinator