Director’s Update

Our students had an amazing 2016-2017 school year. Congratulations our 2017 graduating class. They are a group of very unique and fun individuals who have successful and bright futures ahead. We are proud of the hard work and dedication of all our students.

All of our seniors completed the TJX Corporation Youth Business Institute. This partnership business course culminated with a lovely graduation lunch where three seniors were awarded TJX scholarships. The Seniors also enjoyed a trip to Fire & Ice and Blue Man Group…always a senior year highlight! The LMACS June 1, 2017 graduation ceremony at the Merrimack Repertory Theater was an impressive event for the graduates and their families to celebrate successful high school career.

This year, LMACS participated in several field trips, cultural activities, and community programs to support our mission of academic, social and career success. These trips included Wachusett Mountain hike, the Camp Massapoag field days, a visit to the Holocaust Memorial and the Museum of Fine Arts, as well as several cultural and educational events at Middlesex Community College.

The Lowell National Park Service invited us to partner in their Active Trails Grant. Very exciting! The program works to connect the students with the history of Lowell while simultaneously working on physical and emotional health. LMACS students worked closely with two Lowell Park Rangers and participated in tours and activities in and around the Lowell National Historic Parks such as the historic mills, landmarks and canal tours. The partnership will continue this fall…please stand by for updates.

As in past years, Circle Health Ball For Community Health funded several guest speakers for our students throughout the year. Our shared goal is to support substance abuse prevention. Presentations included Chris Herren of The Purple Project, Cliff Crosby, The Yellow Dress Domestic Violence Prevention Program, and Kevin Brook and Cara Filler of the Drive To Save Lives Tour. We are so grateful to the Lowell General Circle Health partners for the quality programs that we were able to provide for our students.

Arguably, our most unique program is with The Gulf Of Maine. Two teachers coordinated the construction, launching, and tracking of an Ocean Drifter that is currently bobbing happily in the Atlantic Ocean… and we are tracking its journey via the GPS attached to the top of the Drifter. This partnership is a multi-year river project in which our students are learning about climate change and environmental stewardship. We will continue to track the drifter that was launched in June 2107.

Finally, thanks to all, students, teachers, families, for another great year at LMACS.

Margaret A. McDevitt, Ed.D.
Executive Director