Special Education: Progress Reports

The Progress Report is designed to report the progress of each IEP goal individually.  Service providers must comment on whether they anticipate the student being able to meet the goal by the end of the IEP period.  If they believe that the student will be unable to meet the goal, that must be indicated on the Progress Report and a Team Meeting must be held to amend the IEP.  Multiple copies of the form should be used as required to report on each and every IEP goal.  Progress reports must answer two questions for each goal: (1) What is the student’s progress toward the annual goal and (2) Is the progress sufficient to enable the student to achieve the goal by the end of the IEP period? 

Two copies are made of each completed progress report. One copy of the progress reports is filed in the student’s Special Education file. Another copy is mailed home with the report cards. When Progress reports are mailed home, the IEP Process Log is noted with the date. Progress reports are required to be sent to parents at least as often as parents are informed of non-disabled children’s progress.  A Team meeting does not take the place of a written progress report.