Special Education: IEP Amendment

The Individualized Education Program (IEP) Amendment is designed to be a stand-alone document or to be used in conjunction with other IEP pages.  The form should be used for minor IEP adjustments that do not change the type of placement.

The explanation of a proposed change should include the IEP section(s) that the change will affect.  Team members might choose to attach an IEP page to the amendment to help clarify the recommended adjustment.  For instance, if an IEP goal is being altered, IEP 4 with the reworded goal should be attached or if service delivery is being altered, IEP 5 with the adjusted services should be attached.  Attach the Administrative Data sheet to the amendment.

At no time shall an amendment be written to extend an expired IEP for a student transferring to LMACS. Follow procedures for Students Transferring to LMCAS.