Special Education: Guidelines for the Annual Review Process

Purpose of the Review Meeting: The purpose of this meeting is to review the student’s progress toward meeting the goals and objectives of the IEP.  The participants in the Review Team Meeting will develop a new IEP that reflects student growth and current educational needs, as related to the general education curriculum.  If the District suspects that the student may no longer require special education services, then a reevaluation must be initiated, since no decision to remove eligibility can occur without current and complete evaluation information.

Timelines for Annual Reviews

  1. A review must be conducted within twelve months of the Initial Evaluation and, thereafter, every twelve months on or before the expiration of the current IEP.  Any Team member may request other Review Meetings at any time.  When a Team Member is not satisfied with the progress of their child or with the child’s program and requests to meet with school personnel, the Chairperson will arrange for a meeting to be held within five school days. The Chairperson must inform the Director of Special Education of this unscheduled review.
  2. The Director will make sure that the Chairperson is aware of all meeting annual anniversary dates for all students. The information will be available on a shared google doc.  The Chairperson will be responsible for ensuring that the review is held in a timely manner. 


Annual Review TEAM Meetings-Scheduling

At least 10 days prior to the review, the Chairperson will send the following documents home:

  • Meeting Invitation (N3)
  • Attendance Sheet (N3A)

The Chairperson is also responsible for inviting all other participants.  

The Meeting

  1. The Review Team Meeting should have a printed Agenda to facilitate effective communication and help the Team reach consensus. The Chairperson will review the purpose of the meeting, outline the process/format, introduce Team members and present a draft of the student’s new IEP to the parents.
  2. The service providers/classroom teachers will review the student’s progress and determine:
    1. The appropriate goals and objectives for the upcoming 12-month period.
    2. The necessary modifications and specially designed instruction needed to allow the student to access the general education curriculum.
  3. If the student requires an increase in services, which will require a more restrictive setting, or if the participants cannot explain why the student does not appear to be meeting the goals outlined, or if the student requires services in areas in which testing has not been completed, the review Team will recommend a reevaluation.
  4. If the student is not referred for a reevaluation, the final copy of the new IEP for the student will be processed in the usual manner.