Special Education: Emergency Evaluations

When a student exhibits multiple dangerously assaultive or self-abusive behaviors, the Director of Special Education will refer the student for an emergency evaluation.  The Director of Special Education will contact the parents to:  1) inform on the student’s behavior; 2) invite the parents to a meeting to be held the same day (or the following day if the parents are unavailable); 3) obtain parental permission for the evaluation; and 4) discuss an emergency placement.  All reasonable efforts will be made to contact the parents before the close of the school day.  All efforts to reach parents will be documented.

A temporary emergency placement (not to exceed 15 days) will be proposed by the Charter School no later than the day following the emergency meeting.  No student will be placed in an emergency placement without parental consent.


No later than 15 days after receiving written parental consent, a Team meeting will take place to review the results of the evaluation and determine appropriate placement.