Special Education: Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Special Education Information

LMACS protects the confidentiality of personally identifiable special education information at collection, storage, disclosure, and destruction stages.  The Administrator of Special Education is the designated official of the school district and has the responsibility for ensuring the confidentiality of all personally identifiable information.  All persons collecting or using personally identifiable information receive initial and annual training and instruction regarding confidentiality procedures.

A Log of Access is maintained in the student’s special education file in the office of the Director of Special Education.  This Log includes the name of the party accessing the records, the data access was given, and the purpose for which the party was authorized to access the records.

Copies of personally identifiable information are made only upon written consent. Parents are provided with copies of student’s records at no cost. 

Seven years after the termination of special education services, parents/DA/students over the age of 18 are informed that the personally identifiable information is no longer needed.  Parents/DA/students over the age of 18 are given the opportunity to pick up this material prior to it being destroyed.