Special Education: Administrative Data Sheet

The Administrative Data Sheet has been designed to capture necessary student data, parent contact information, meeting information and school-related data on one sheet. The data sheet should be completed or updated at any meeting that produces an IEP, an IEP Amendment or an Extended Evaluation Form. Once completed, it should be attached to the aforementioned forms before they are sent to parents. The Administrative Data Sheet becomes the first page of these documents.

Administrative Placement Information ( Pl 1)
The Administrative Placement Information form (Pl 1) is for placement information. Parents/DA/Student over the age of 18, must consent and sign the Pl 1. Attach the Pl 1 to the completed IEP.

Administrative Placement Information ( Pl 2, Pl 3)
The Administrative Placement Information Form is for District record keeping only. The requested information is self-explanatory or can be answered by reading the directions included on the form itself.
The form centralizes information required for certain federal and state reports. Send the Administrative Placement Information Form to the Director of Special Education to be filed. Do not send home to parents.