Student Records Policy

In order to provide students with appropriate instruction and educational services, it is necessary for the Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School to maintain extensive and sometimes personal information about them and their families. It is essential that pertinent information in these records be readily available to appropriate school personnel, be accessible to the student’s parents or legal guardian and/or the student in accordance with law, and yet be guarded as confidential information. The Executive Director will provide for the proper administration of student records in keeping with state and federal requirements.

Federal law requires the Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School provide names, addresses, and telephone numbers of high school students to military recruiters and institutions of higher education that request this information. While we are committed to protecting the confidentiality of our students, we must comply with the law.

Parents/Designated Adults who do not want their student’s name and contact information disclosed to military recruiters and/or institutions of higher education, must complete and return a Parent Opt Out Form to the school. Parental Opt Out Forms are included in students’ acceptance packets, are mailed to students at the beginning of each school year, and are always available in the main office. Please note there is the option to withhold a student’s information from military recruiters, institutions of higher education, or both.

Unless Parents/Designated Adults notify the school in writing that they do not consent to the release of their student’s information, the school must disclose a student’s name, address, and telephone number to military recruiters and institutions of higher education that request this information about our students.

Please be aware that Parental Opt Out Forms can be submitted any time during a student’s school career. Please advise the Registrar in writing if you change your decision at a later date.

A student also has the right to request that his or her information not be released. Parents/Designated Adults are encouraged to discuss this decision with their students.

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