Teaching and Learning at LMACS

LMACS has grown from a dropout recovery program based upon the completion of necessary credits to a comprehensive high school focused upon the delivery of a skills-driven, high standards curriculum to an at-risk, highly challenged population.  We serve an at-risk population of 120 students.  We are a non-graded public high school. LMACS provides special education primarily through an inclusion model.

Our curriculum is built around a core of traditional instructional areas supplemented by psycho-educational courses and groups, a school-to-work component, daily advising, and MCC courses under the Dual Enrollment Program. LMACS curriculum reflects its small size and mission-driven culture.

Our schedule differs from that of a traditional high school.  Class periods are 48 minutes long.  School hours are 8:30AM to 3:00PM. Courses meet Monday through Thursday.  One-on-one tutoring and additional time on learning occurs 8:30AM to 11:30PM on Fridays. 

Our courses require a minimum grade of 70% (C-) to pass.  Students and/or their families or designated adult receive interim and trimester end grade reports, and IEP progress reports if applicable.

Our students meet in daily advising groups.  Advisors schedule student’s course work, monitor their progress, and facilitate home contacts.  Advisors update families and designated adults bi- weekly on their student’s progress.

LMACS is committed to the success of every student.  


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