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Absence Policy 

 Every student is expected to attend school on a regular basis and be on time for Advising and academic classes.  Regular attendance is vital to ensure academic progress. In addition, each student’s daily interactions with her or his classmates is a critical component of the learning process.  If the school has not received any prior notification from a parent or guardian, parents will be notified if their child is not present. 

Failure to attend and participate in class regularly adversely affects student learning, assessment and progress in school. Being absent or tardy is disrespectful to the teacher and members of the class. It is the student’s responsibility to make up missed work as a result of the absence within 5 school days of that absence.   Parent or D.A. cooperation with this policy is a pre-requisite for student success. 

For health and safety concerns, LMACS health policy requires parents or guardians must notify the school of a student’s known absence, or late arrival to school on a daily basis. Legally, students under the age of 18 cannot “call him or herself in” late or absent. Prolonged absences due to health concerns should be reported to the school nurse. Students must be cleared by the nurse before returning to school if they have been out with a contagious disease, a hospitalization, or been out for three (30 or more consecutive days.

If a student accumulates three (3) or more absences in a semester or misses two (2) or more classes due to tardies, the Designated Adult will be contacted.   A meeting will then be scheduled with Administration to discuss the student’s status and to develop an action plan to address the student’s attendance. 

There is a sign-in/sign-out clipboard in the Main Office. Students arriving late to school must sign in. A parent or guardian must sign out students leaving before the regular dismissal time. Students may sign themselves out only if the school has received prior notification from a parent or Designated Adult.