In Their Words

2018 GraduatesGraduating from LMCAS was an amazing experience for me. Before I heard about the school, I thought I might never finish high school, and after I got that second chance, I ended up being valedictorian, and feeling a great sense of pride and fulfillment. The LMACS community felt like a family, with people from all different backgrounds working together towards a common goal. The teachers were compassionate and understanding of everybody’s individual strengths, weaknesses and needs. It was great to see my peers and I, who may not have been able to thrive in the traditional public school system, succeed at LMACS. I know I never could have gotten to where I am today without LMACS, and I would recommend it to anybody who could benefit from a second chance. – Debi, LMACS graduate

LMACS was a life-saver for me. I was never one for school, but the staff and atmosphere turned my attitude around completely. Not only did LMACS prepare me for college, but it prepared me for all the challenges life may throw my way. It made my high school experience memorable. – Janelle, LMACS graduate

Attending LMACS was like a good sandwich — it’s good for you and you feel satisfied after. The teachers are top-notch and reach you on a personal level. The atmosphere is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It makes you feel at home at all times. I love every person on the faculty. – Matthew, LMACS graduate

LMACS made high school fun. The teachers take time to explain everything in an exciting way that grabs your attention. The students come from all over and have a variety of ideas that allow us to view every subject in a different light. I enjoyed my time here and will always come back to visit. – Brittney, LMACS graduate

LMACS was such an incredible experience. It helped me immensely. It not only helped shape who I am today,but it also gave me a better outlook in life. Today,I am a high school graduate ready for college and life. Thank you for helping me in getting my life back on track. – Athos, LMACS graduate

This school works for those children felt lost in other schools. I can’t even begin to tell you the difference LMACS has made in her life. – LMACS Parent

The school has done wonders for his self esteem and personal growth. He never complains about having to go to school. I only wish I had made the decision earlier. – LMACS Parent

This school works for those children felt lost in other schools. I can’t even begin to tell you the difference LMACS has made in her life. – LMACS Parent

The teachers were amazing. Everyone who attended when I did had a family bond. It was different than any other school I attended. If you really want to finish high school and feel comfortable at your school, go to LMACS! – LMACS Student

LMACS didn’t just pretend to care about their students; they actually did. It wasn’t like going to school everyday – it was like seeing your family everyday. Something awesome was always happening – there was never a dull moment. I had been to 3 high schools and LMACS was by far the best one. – Kenny, LMACS Student

I loved the teachers; they truly cared and worked with the students to help them succeed. The teachers truly know what the students are capable of accomplishing. The teachers believed, so the students also believed. It’s a great school to find yourself! – Tareena, LMACS graduate

The teachers actually cared about the individual, which can be hard in a large public school. I felt like I was acknowledged for the progress I was making, not just expected to get an A. – Phillis, LMACS graduate

My time at LMACS was both fun and tiring. The atmosphere was spectacular and the teachers and staff were amazing. LMACS allowed me to become a better student and have a better attitude. I believe if it wasn’t for LMACS graduation would have never been in my pathway to success. Thank you LMACS staff for allowing me to pursue my goals. – April, LMACS graduate