Monitoring of LEP students

Each LEP student will be evaluated annually for English proficiency and content skills using the WIDA-ACCESS assessment. All LEP students will also participate in the MCAS/PARCC testing appropriate for their grade levels. These results will be documented in the student’s file and submitted to the ELL Specialist who will document these also in the ELL Folder. Copies of the ACCESS for ELLs and PARCC results will be provided to parents.

In addition, the LEP student will be monitored in the following ways:

  • Weekly Staff Meetings: Weekly staff meetings provide the opportunity to discuss a LEP student’s progress. If there are concerns about an LEP student’s progress, a meeting will be held with the student’s Advisor, the ELL Coordinator and the student’s parents or guardians to discuss any necessary modifications to the student’s classwork and/or class schedule.
  • Bi-Weekly Parent Phone Calls: The Advisor will maintain regular contact with the LEP student’s parents or guardians. Should any concerns arise, these will be addressed first with the ELL Coordinator, and then with the student’s teachers, if necessary. If needed, a meeting will be held with the parents or guardians to address any concerns.
  • Review of Student Records: The ELL Coordinator will review LEP and FLEP students’ records at midterm and at the conclusion of each term. If there are any concerns, the ELL Coordinator will address them with the student’s Advisor and/or the student. Should any modifications to a student’s classwork and/or class schedule be necessary, this will be addressed in the weekly staff meetings. Additionally, the parents or guardians will be notified by phone or mail and will be given an opportunity to meet with the ELL Coordinator and/or teachers.

Chapter 71A and Title VI require that Limited English Proficient students are entitled to language support services until they are proficient enough to participate meaningfully in the district’s general education program.

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