English Language Placement and Development

Any student identified as a potential ELL is assessed using the WIDA-APT assessment tool. A student who scores below an overall composite proficiency level of 5.0 and a composite literacy (reading/writing) proficiency level of 4.0 is considered to be an ELL and is eligible for ESL services. Only students who achieve a 5.0 composite proficiency level as well as 4.0 composite literacy (reading/writing) proficiency level are considered English proficient.
The support team will refer to data available on the student (including, but not limited to, English language proficiency assessment scores, MCAS scores, report cards, and teacher classroom assessments) to decide on the level of support that is needed:

  • placement in an ELD class in addition to the SEI content classrooms;
  • specific English-language tutoring;
  • accommodations and modifications to instruction and class work;
  • regular progress reports from the ELL Coordinator to the parent/guardian.

The support team will be at the end of each academic term to assess student progress and make necessary changes to the Individual Student Success Plan. All ELL students will have access to word-to-word dictionaries for their primary language. These dictionaries are provided to ELL students upon request. All ELL students will have access to an interpreter for any meeting focused on academic counseling. The ELL Coordinator and/or School Director is responsible for scheduling interpreters for these meetings.


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