• Important News
    Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment Screening
    In compliance with MGL Chapter 71, Section 96 & 97, Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School (LMACS) will be conducting verbal screenings of students. The intent of this screening is to help prevent students from beginning the use of alcohol, marijuana and other drugs, along with providing assistance to students if they are currently using such substances. The goal of this program is to let the students know that we are available to reinforce healthy decisions and to assist them in obtaining support, if needed, for substance use related problems. In order to opt out, please download, sign and return the opt out form with your child. » Read the full letter and download the form.

    News Release

    Principal Margaret A. McDevitt of Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School today announced the names of steering committee members who will direct the school's efforts during its self-study and the Accreditation by the Commission on Public Schools of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The steering committee will be co-chaired by Margaret McDevitt, Ed.D. and Anne Monoxelos, LICSW who are Directors of Lowell Middlesex Academy. The other members of the Committee are faculty and staff members: Ken Bello, Melissa Chen, Sarah Fernald, Erika Lanier, and Stephanie Robinson.

    NEASC membership requires that a school undergo a self-study and formal evaluation at least once every ten years. The steering committee's responsibilities will include coordinating a schedule of events for the school's self-study, collecting reports from various subcommittees, and making necessary preparations for the evaluation committee's visit. According to McDevitt and Monoxelos, "The self-study will include the completion of a comprehensive assessment of teaching and learning and the support of teaching and learning. The focus of the Accreditation visit will be to determine the extent to which our programs and services carry out the school's core values and beliefs about student learning and align with the Committee on Public Secondary Schools Standards for Accreditation."

    Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School was last accredited in 2010 and has maintained continued Accreditation since it was awarded NEASC membership in 2000. The next Accreditation by a Committee on Public Secondary Schools visiting team will be conducted in spring 2020. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges is a voluntary membership organization of more than 2,000 public schools, colleges and universities, independent schools, and vocational, technical, and career institutions. Of these, approximately 630 schools have been accredited through the Association's Commission on Public Schools. The Committee works with individual institutions to improve the quality of education at all levels through a continuous process of evaluation and Accreditation.

    For more information contact:
    Margaret A. McDevitt, Ed. D.
    Director, Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School
    67 Middle Street
    Lowell MA 01852

    From the Executive Director

    The 2017-2018 school year is off to a great start! We have welcomed a new group of 30 students who all appear to be settling in nicely. The new students are a group of very bright and fun young people who have successful futures ahead. I also want to recognize our returning students who are moving forward toward their graduation and planning for life after LMACS.

    LMACS students participated in several field trips so far, including a Wachusett Mountain hike, the Camp Massapoag field day, a play at the , and several Lowell National Parks events. Most Importantly, on our way to Camp Massapoag, we stopped at the Mathew Boule Memorial in Dracut MA to place mum plants in recognition of an LMACS graduate, Mathew Boule. Mat, along with 5 other soldiers, was killed in action during the Iraq War in 2003. The students were honored to meet Mat's parents, Leo and Sue Boule, and listen to Mat's story. I think that ceremony will be remembered as one of the best events of the year.

    As our year goes on, we are looking forward to welcoming new students for our winter term. Classes for the new term begin on Monday, November, 27, 2017. Applications are available at school and online. Call 978.656.3165 for information and to make an appointment.

    Our new senior class is anxiously awaiting the start of the TJX Corporation Youth Business Institute. This partnership business course culminates with a lovely graduation lunch where seniors are awarded TJX scholarships. For now, the seniors are finishing the first term senior classes where they begin to plan for college and career life. We are still partnering with the Lowell National Park Service in their Active Trails Grant. Actually, as I write this letter, we are getting ready to visit Lexington and Concord tomorrow. The Active Trails program works to connect the students with the history of Lowell while simultaneously working on physical and emotional health. LMACS students work closely with two Lowell Park Rangers and participate in tours and activities in and around the Lowell National Historic Parks such as the historic mills, landmarks and canal tours. Last week, on a beautiful (albeit windy) fall day, 30 students took a pontoon boat ride down the Merrimack River. Thankfully, no one ended up on Gilligan's Island!

    As we look forward to the Thanksgiving Holiday in a few weeks, please accept our most sincere best wishes to all in our LMACS family.

    Margaret A. McDevitt, Ed.D.
    Executive Director